Should I walk with a walking stick? (2024)

Should I walk with a walking stick?

In reality, the answer is that walking with poles is completely optional and has its supporters and detractors. Hiking poles generally provide stability and support, but you'll often find that you can get along just fine without them.

Do walking sticks help you walk?

Your knees and hips will thank you. The poles let you offload weight from your hips and knees into your upper body. You can walk further, faster or even pain-free.

Am I using my walking stick correctly?

If using a walking stick for your balance:

Hold the stick in your most comfortable hand. Always move the stick forward first then the opposite leg. Do not place your stick too far in-front of you or too far out to the side.

Should you use 1 or 2 walking sticks?

Two, always. Seems to me a single pole is good for balance, stream crossings, that sort of thing. Two poles are good for those things plus taking load off your legs/knees/feet and giving you four-wheel drive on the uphills. They do consume your hands as rj points out.

What are the disadvantages of using a walking stick?

The Cons
  • They can be more difficult to use.
  • They are not ideal if you have minor mobility issues.
  • They take up more space and are more difficult to transport than canes.
Dec 3, 2018

Do doctors recommend walking sticks?

It was observed that the use of a walking stick improved the balance and the independence level while reducing the risk of fall. Therefore, it has been concluded that using a walking stick should be recommended to the elderly individuals who have balance disorders and the risk of falling.

Are walking sticks good for bad knees?

Modern walking poles are similar to ski touring poles, and their use is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. They provide extra stability and can lower the amount of stress on your legs and knee joints by taking the weight onto the poles through your arms.

Are walking sticks as good as a cane?

Walking sticks are just items of fashion. Often not designed to take weights on as they are a little more than accessories. If you need support while walking and you want to lean your full weights on a walking aid, it is important to use walking cane. Designed to be comfortable and practical for daily use.

When should I stop using a walking stick?

The best time to stop using your walking cane is when you have stop limping and no longer having pain without it. Waiting until this time before doing away with the stick will give the injured leg the proper strength required to carry you effortlessly and painlessly.

Does walking stick help arthritis?

The correct cane can help relieve pressure on sore knees, hips, ankles and feet, as well as improve balance. Walking canes come in even more varieties than candy canes. Materials, colors and handle styles are a matter of preference. Cane type and size, however, are options that affect function and safety.

Do walking sticks make a difference?

Trekking poles can also:

Aid balance on uneven trails. Improve posture, making walkers more upright as they walk and in turn this can help breathing. Increase speed, especially going downhill. Provide extra stability.

Which type of walking stick is best?

Traditional, non-folding walking sticks are best suited for those that need to use a walking stick most, if not all, of the time. Non-folding walking sticks are available in a range of materials and handle styles, with height-adjustable or fixed height options.

Do walking sticks help with back pain?

Absolutely! Walking sticks can be a game-changer for individuals with chronic back pain. Just ensure you choose a stick that's appropriate for your height and needs.

Are walking sticks good for seniors?

Walking sticks are not just a fashion statement for elderly people; they come with many advantages. For starters, walking sticks help reduce the pressure on the arms and shoulders by providing an extra point of contact while walking. This helps in distributing body weight more evenly and prevents falls and injuries.

Which is safer a cane or a walking stick?

For long-term usage, canes are more durable, more comfortable, and safer than walking sticks.

What is the best walking stick for balance problems?

Healthline's picks for best walking canes
  • HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane.
  • Nova SugarCane Walking Cane.
  • HealthSmart Comfort Grip Folding Cane.
  • Brazos Walking Sticks Fitness Walker Walking Stick.
  • Cascade Mountain 3K Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles.
Oct 29, 2021

What can you use instead of a walking stick?

Walking frames (Zimmer frames or rollators)

A walking frame gives you more support than walking sticks. You can use them to get around your home or to get out and about.

Do walking sticks help you lose weight?

Research has found that walking with poles can burn more calories and raise your heart rate even though you may not feel like you're exerting yourself more than with regular walking. It can increase your metabolism and activate more muscles.

What is the difference between a walking pole and a walking stick?

Hiking sticks, also called hiking staffs, are usually used as a single pole, whereas trekking poles are typically used in pairs. Backpackers, hikers, walkers, and snowsho*rs can benefit from the added stability and support from trekking poles, depending on the type of terrain.

What are the worst exercises for weak knees?

The worst exercises for people with bad knees are full-arc knee extension (using the machine at the gym), full-deep lunges, deep squats, and Hurdler's stretches as these exercises put excessive strain on the knee joints, increasing pain and causing injury.

What is the correct height for a walking stick?

To measure someone for a walking stick, ask them to stand with their weight evenly on both feet, looking straight ahead and with their arms relaxed by their sides. You then need to measure from the floor to the prominent bone of the wrist. This is the length of walking stick required.

Does walking make knees stronger?

The answer: a resounding yes! In fact, people with knee osteoarthritis who walk for exercise are significantly less likely to go on to develop worse pain, according to a 2022 study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology. Here are a few reasons why: Walking strengthens leg muscles.

Is one walking pole enough?

A pair of hiking poles can ease the burden on your legs. No matter how strong your body might feel, this is especially important for those carrying heavy packs on multi-day hikes over many miles.

Do walking sticks help with hip pain?

It has been shown in research to reduce compressive joint forces in those with knee and hip osteoarthritis as well as knee and hip muscles forces following a total knee or total hip replacement.

What size walking pole do I need?

Trekking Pole Length
HeightSuggested Pole Length
< 5 ft. 1 in.100 cm (39 in.)
5 ft. 1 in. – 5 ft. 7 in.110 cm (43 in.)
5 ft. 8 in. – 5 ft. 11 in.120 cm (47 in.)
6 ft.+130 cm (51 in.)

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